Roses are red, blogs are blue

As a Valentine's Day gift, I spent this weekend building a new blog for my wife based on Ray Camden's BlogCFC, merged with the Aura skin.

The new blog is called Casa ArbaÃ’il, the name of her family's second home in a small village up in the Pyrenees of Spain, where my wife spent many summers growing up and where we continue to travel each Christmas. As a native of Barcelona, a Catalan speaker, a current resident of Massachusetts, and a chemist by profession you'll find future blog entries on these categories. As soon as her we get her domain name mapped to our ISP then the blog will located there, until then it remains on


Warming up for Blackstone on Unix and Linux

This past week I put my blogging on hold while I worked furiously on my presentation "Running Blackstone on Unix and Linux". This is was an internal presentation that I gave today within the company.

I'll revise it after Blackstone release, and then I'll make a Breeze presentation of the talk, available publically, so I'll be sure to blog it when that time arrives.

Currently, the presentation covers just about everything unique about using ColdFusion MX on Unix or Linux, with special focus on differences in Blackstone. It also covers history of CF on *nix, known issues, finding system information, debugging tips, and Linux IDEs available for developing ColdFusion.

Hey, maybe I'll even bring it to my local CFUG to get Ron off my back ;-)

Help yourself to the HOTTEST customer information

Help yourself to the HOTTEST customer information.  Introducing Macromedia Knowledge Base

With so many others blogging about the new Macromedia Knowledge Base, I decided not to duplicate their efforts, but with the arrival of my Macromedia hotsauce I just can't help myself, and it makes a great companion to my Allaire lunchbox, too. ;-)

Help yourself to the HOTTEST customer information. Introducing Macromedia Knowledge Base.

TalkingTree now using BlogCFC and Aura

My blogging frequency has recently dipped while I've been building a new blog that incorporates Ray Camden's supreme blogware, BlogCFC, and the Aura skin available from Leorex.

Some of you may have noticed growing pains this morning and last night as I pushed the new blog live, so thanks for hanging in there while the CSS glitches were worked out when I noticed some unexpected issues in MSIE after having done the majority of development with Firefox.

Blending the Aura skin with BlogCFC was suprisingly easy.


Tom Kitta is Blogging

Frequent ColdFusion mailing list contributor and Software Developer Tom Kitta has started a blog at, coming to you from Toronto, Canada. Tom's blogware of choice is currently is an updated version of CFXML_Blog 1.2. I know I've read many of Tom's comments on the lists, and I look forward to reading his blogs considering his mathematical background and interest in the sciences.

It's great to see that Simon Horwith has also recently entered the blogosphere.

Time to go update my blog aggregator....

First Blog!!

Let's kick things off with a first blog! Spent a few hours today creating a personalized "talkingtree" green style by getting my feet wet with CFXML_Blog. What appeals most to me about this blogging project is that its built in ColdFusion so extending and modifying it is easy, and secondly that it uses XML to hold all the blog data so no database is necessary.

Tomorrow evening I'll be driving from Boston to Gaithersburg, Maryland to attend the annual CFUN03, a ColdFusion conference. I've attended this conference for the last two years and it just keeps getting better every time. This year there are several "tracks" to choose from, not to mention a keynote address from the ColdFusion Community Leader, Christian Cantrell. Last year I created the questions for the CF Celebrity Jeopardy game. This year, Michael Smith asked me to write the Celebrity Squares questions, which I'll post here after the game.

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