ColdFusion Live! A CFUNITED show with Jeff Peters and Simon Horwith


This is the first in a weekly series of lunchtime events where presenters at the upcoming CFUNITED ColdFusion conference will preview their talks here at the Online Coldfusion Meetup Group in cooperation with the Maryland ColdFusion User Group.

This event will begin 12:30 PM EDT on Thursday April 21st, that's tomorrow! There will be 2 short presentations, about 15 minutes each.

Part 1) Jeff Peters, book author and creator of www.grokfusebox. com will be discussing the Fusebox Lifecycle Process.

Part 2) Simon Horwith, Editor CFDJ and CTO AboutWeb will be discussing the Adobe acquisition of Macromedia

Please come join us to participate in the online discussion. Watch for the archived meeting online if you can't make it.

When: Thursday, April 21, 12:30 PM EDT ... Tomorrow!

Where: Click the link below to watch and listen to the archived meeting:

Thomas Friedman interview on Charlie Rose - The World is Flat

Update April 27th: This program will be rebroadcast on tonight's Charlie Rose show. Check your PBS listings. This month's Wired Magazine has a 3 page interview with Mr. Friedman about his new book.

Set your Tivo to the record the Charlie Rose show on PBS for a great interview with New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman, where they discuss his new book, The World is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-first Century.

I was fascinated by the discussion of Friedman's multi-level analysis of how the world is collapsing into single global community, fueled by events as far back as the fall of the Berlin Wall to the rise of Netscape and the dotcom boom, to outsourcing, insourcing, and open sourcing. Yes, they even discuss the success of FireFox. Watch this video!

Editorial review of The World is Flat on

In this brilliant new book, the award-winning New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman demystifies the brave new world for readers, allowing them to make sense of the often bewildering global scene unfolding before their eyes. With his inimitable ability to translate complex foreign policy and economic issues, Friedman explains how the flattening of the world happened at the dawn of the twenty-first century; what it means to countries, companies, communities, and individuals; and how governments and societies can, and must, adapt. The World Is Flat is the timely and essential update on globalization, its successes and discontents, powerfully illuminated by one of our most respected journalists.

Usage of Verity's rcvdk commandline search utility

One of the lesser know Verity utilities that ships with ColdFusion MX 7, as well as CFMX 6 and CF 5, is the search tool rcvdk. Unlike other utilities such as mkvdk and vspider, rcvdk must be run interactively so you can't script it. Its useful for times when you want to test searching a Verity collection by doing simple and advanced searches, and can be useful to see if the results match the equivalent search pattern in your code with CFSEARCH.

For additional detail, check out the ColdFusion MX 7 Documentation for rcvdk, and didump too.

Usage is a little tricky, and I'll walk you through how to use it from the commandline. In this case, I'm using Linux, but it behaves (almost) the same on Windows.

First note that the default locale is Englishx, for English Advanced, so when creating collections on the commandline with mkvdk or vspider, if you don't specify a locate then the collection is created as Englishx. When creating a collection from the ColdFusion Administrator, the default option is English Basic, which is the equivalent of just English. On the commandline, these options ar specified as either (lowercase) englishx or english.

Here's the contents of a test server having 3 collections already.

  • bookclub - a sample collection shipped with cfdocs
  • macr_verity_test2 - a collection created from the CF Administrator (english)
  • vspidertest3 - a collection created with vspider (englishx)


Usage of Verity's vspider utility with CFMX 7 on Unix or Linux

An article was published today that provides a fix for the Verity spidering utility known as vspider when used with ColdFusion MX 7. That article provides some additional style files will help populate the appropriate metadata fields of a collection such as Title, URL, Size, etc... The article also comes with an example of using vspider on Windows.

ColdFusion MX 7: Additional files for using Verity Spider

It should be noted that when running vpsider on Unix or Linux, that the environmental variable for LD_LIBRARY_PATH must also be set to include the location of core Verity binary files. Its often useful to create a script to set up all the vspider commands, and in that script you can set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH to include the Verity bin directory.


Concord Bookshop: A reading from local author Alan Lightman

A Sense of the Mysterious: Science and the Human Spirit

Ten years have passed since I first met Alan Lightman when I heard him read from his second novel Good Benito at the Concord Public Library in 1995. I particularly enjoyed how Alan used highpitched, nasal tone when he read the part of Arnold Scalapino, a cantankerous old physicist that fell into recluse while living in Fells Point, in east Baltimore. I recall a shiver ran up my spine when Alan delineated familiar places in Fells Point like Aliceanna Street, The Horse You Came In On or the Cat's Eye Pub, as these places I knew very well since I had grown up in east Baltimore.

Once again, I had the pleasure of hearing him read, this time from his current book, A Sense of the Mysterious: Science and the Human Spirit. A crowd had drawn this afternoon in the Concord Bookshop to listen to Alan read the first in a in this collection of essays.


Roses are red, blogs are blue

As a Valentine's Day gift, I spent this weekend building a new blog for my wife based on Ray Camden's BlogCFC, merged with the Aura skin.

The new blog is called Casa ArbaÃ’il, the name of her family's second home in a small village up in the Pyrenees of Spain, where my wife spent many summers growing up and where we continue to travel each Christmas. As a native of Barcelona, a Catalan speaker, a current resident of Massachusetts, and a chemist by profession you'll find future blog entries on these categories. As soon as her we get her domain name mapped to our ISP then the blog will located there, until then it remains on


Bones Festes i Bon Nadal!

This is my 4th time spending the holidays in Spain, one in Madrid and the last 3 in Barcelona, the heart of Catalonia where Spanish is the 2nd language between Catalan and English.

On the departing flight with Alitalia I managed to read the entire book "Teach yourself Unix in 10 minutes a day", an introduction to SELinux, an overview of the new features in Fedora Core 3, and a tutorial on building RPMs. Not bad overall, but I've got one hell of a jet lag from not sleeping.


What's up around Concord?

This week the Concord Public Library launched it's new website. Some of the new features on the website include access to the Special Collections including original survey diagrams by Thoreau, as well as a Brief History of Concord.

Since April or May of this year the library has been closed while under renovations and additions. It's expected to reopen in January, and I supposed the new and improved website is part of the PR to build anticipation for the reopening. I for one have been anticipating the reopening for quite a while. I live just a couple blocks from it, and I can't wait to start spending my weekends there in new reading rooms. For me, the library has been particularly difficult to concentrate in because of the creaky floor boards.


Oreja de burro: Recursive Entity Relationship

In Schoenhof's Foreign Books in Harvard Square, I recently picked up a great English-Spanish Telecommunications Dictionary. Its a fantastic desk reference if you ever have a need to rewrite an application from one language to the other, as was recently done with this English translation of FlashBlog.

Diccionario de inform·tica y telecomunicaciones (ingles-espaÒol)
Author: Moreno MartÃŒn, Arturo
ISBN: 8434428865
Published: 2001

If you're wondering, Oreja de burro is listed as the translation for Pig's Ear where the definition is a recursive entity relationship. I can definitely say that I never heard of Pig's Ear ever used in informatics circles.

Photo Gallery of Mexico: Oaxaca, Mont Alban, San Miguel de Allende

Click for Mexico Photo Gallery

[View My Photo Gallery] [ Travel Mexico with 3rd House Party]

What follows is an excerpt from a personal letter to a friend in Spain, made shortly after my return home from Mexico:

[August, 1999] For my trip to the south of Mexico I used the budget travel guide "Let's Go". When I arrived at the airport in Mexico City, I found that my luggage was lost, but I was so tired that I was having difficulty thinking& even in English! That night I went to a hotel where my reservations were made one week in advance and a clerk at the desk told me that I did not have a reservation. He denied that that I paid money, and told me that there was another hotel across the street. After some arguing, someone helped me out. The clerk finally returned my money, 130 Pesos and I left. It was clear that this clerk was lying and wanted to keep my money, and he immediately rented the room to someone else.


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