Two Upcoming Online Meetings: FusionDebug and ColdFusion Security

Thanks to Charlie Arehart and Adam Wayne Lehman, the Online ColdFusion Meetup Group will conduct two online events in October. Be sure to check out Charlie's blog for a multi-part series on FusionDebug.

Please note the time: The event times are in US/Eastern Timezone. For timezone conversion, see:

Click on the event link below to RSVP. On the event detail page, see the link under MORE INFORMATION for the Breeze Meeting URL. Then at the specified time and date, go to that URL and enter as a GUEST using your name, but on the login page please use the form field towards the right which does not require a password.


Rob Gonda on Ajax for ColdFusion Developers... Watch it again!

If you missed tonight's Online ColdFusion Meetup Group event, you can still catch all the lessons and demos from Rob in the archived Breeze Meeting recording. Rob tailored his AJAX presentation to compare related technologies or libraries including Spry, dojo, Flex, Flash, and more, and provided copious demos and a thorough background.

Ajax for ColdFusion Developers

Look for new event listings soon. Booked for October we have Charlie Arehart on Fusion-Debug and Adobe's new ColdFusion Evangelist Adam Wayne Lehman on ColdFusion Security Best Practices. I'll be posting those event schedules tomorrow.

New event for The Online Coldfusion Meetup Group: Rob Gonda on AJAX

Welcome Back ColdFusion Enthusiasts!

The summer is winding down, and most everyone has returned from vacations, so the Online ColdFusion Meetup Group is getting fired back up. To kick off the first online event this fall, Rob Gonda will present on AJAX, in the context of ColdFusion applications.

If you have ideas for topics or speakers you'd like to see, please contact me to let me know. Nate Nelson is preparing a couple talks on Advanced SQL, so look for those in the near future, too.

Steven Erat
Organizer, OCFMG


The init scripts cfmx7search or coldfusionmx7 hang the system when booting linux

Hans Omli recently presented the following problem to me:

I've run into an issue installing ColdFusion MX 7 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 Update 2 or Update 3. The same issue doesn't occur on the original release of RHEL 4 or Update 1. The issue is that after restarting, linux pauses at 'Starting coldfusionmx7: ' until you press Enter, after which the boot process continues. Haven't been able to track down a workaround yet...

To be complete, the issue also appears on the original release and Update 1 of RHEL 4 after running up2date to apply available security updates. I think I've narrowed the issue down to the selinux-policy-targeted package. When I get a chance, I plan to diff selinux-policy-targeted-1.17.30-2.88 (RHEL4-U1) and selinux-policy-targeted-1.17.30-2.110 (RHEL4-U2) to figure out what change(s) may be causing the issue.

This was the fourth report I've heard of this problem, and until today I've never been able to reproduce it when using the original RHEL4 release. Hans provided the clue that it only occurred in recent updates to RHEL (or CentOS), so I downloaded CentOS 4.3 which has the updated SELINUX policy, and then installed ColdFusion 7.01 to let the fun begin.

The short answer and solution ...


How to invoke a Web Service while omitting optional service method arguments

ColdFusion MX webservice implementations as CFCs may include optional input arguments, however consuming the webservice may prove tricky if those optional parameters are not included.

For example, consider this example webservice having one required argument (a1) and one optional argument (a2):


Workaround for several known issues regarding Sandbox Security and ColdFusion MX

I've recently encountered a variety of reports on the topic of ColdFusion MX 7.x Sandbox Security (SBS). Here I summarize and explain how to resolve each one:

  1. Datasource names are case sensitive in SBS
  2. File Uploads require SBS permission on a temp directory
  3. CFDOCUMENT requires SBS permission to System Fonts
  4. Multiserver Configuration requires manual edit to jvm.config


Migrating applications across a six year gap in ColdFusion server implementation

Mike Munhall of Ceridian Recruiting posts his experience with migrating from ColdFusion 4.5. to CFMX 7.01, a jump of 3 major versions but more like 4 since CFMX 6.1 was significantly different from 6.0 in many ways.

The ColdFusion MX 6.0 Migration Guide is a chapter of documentation intended to help cross the bridge from the C++ based server CF 5 to the Java and J2EE based CFMX 6.0. Changes in how the ColdFusion server was implemented required a migration guide and release notes to make the transisition smoother. Mike explains some unexpected problems that arose when faced with the challenge of a six year difference in ColdFusion server versions.


Adobe Flex 2: Training from the Source

Jeff Tapper is one of the coauthors on an upcoming Adobe Flex 2 book. He recently blogged that the book is not yet available on in the US, only in the UK, but I searched the ISBN and found that Walmart is taking pre-ship orders, so you can get in line for your copy now. Walmart is listing the ship date as around July 31, although when I mentioned this to Jeff today after his great presentation on CF Event Gateways he said that date will probably slip a little. I'd like to point out that the co-authors are all known to be highly knowlegeable in ColdFusion, Flex, and Flash, so this should be a must read for everyone. (Matt Boles taught my the Flex 1.5 class I reviewed here)

Adobe Flex 2: Training from the Source
Author: Tapper, Jeff , Author: Talbot, James , Author: Boles, Matt
Publisher: Macromedia Press
Publish date: Jul 31 2006
ISBN: 032142316X
Format: Hardcover , 600 pages

CFLive! Broadcasting interviews with CFUNITED Presenters live from conference

At 12:30 US/EST today, that's just a half hour from now, we'll be broadcasting some spontaneous chats with speakers and attendees at the CFUNITED conference. We'll have Ben Forta, Peter Farell, and a line of others stopping by for a few minutes each. I'll record the meeting and post the URL here later.

You can join the Breeze Meeting here, just log in as a Guest with your name:


This caps the long series of weekly CFUNITED previews held on previous Thursdays this Spring.

News you can use from CFUNITED

Day one of CFUNITED is winding down, although a networking event is still to come this evening. So far its been a blockbuster event with Flex 2 and ColdFusion MX 7.02 integration taking center stage. The big news you know by now since the blogosphere is saturated with today's highlights, but a short list would include:

  • Flex 2 Released: The Flex 2 SDK is FREE and does not require a server backend. Flex 2 can integrate with any HTTP or SOAP-based Webservice back end.
  • Flex 2 Data Server Released: FDS provides back end data services over RTMP (Real Time Messaging Protocol) for publish/subscribe messaging with Flash/Flex frontend GUIs. There is even a free version of FDS available for use on a single CPU.
  • ColdFusion MX 7.02 Released: ColdFusion is a preferred back end data provider and gateway for Flex 2 front ends
  • Flex Builder 2 Released: Based on Eclipse, Flex Builder has code generation wizards, visual development, and debugging
  • Jason Delmore, the new ColdFusion Product Manager shared a peek at a couple ColdFusion 8 (Scorpio) features at the alpha stage including CFPDFFORM to generate PDF forms with pre-filled information, and the ability to extract information from PDFs, and also dynamically generated Breeze presentations from ColdFusion with CFPRESENTATION.
  • He's Baaa...aaack: Tim Buntel returns to Adobe as Senior Marking Product Manager for ColdFusion

I've had a chance to connect with many of the ColdFusion bloggers again, including Ray Camden, Rob Brooks-Bilson, Mark Drew, Andy Alan, Simeon Bateman, Joe Rinehart, Jeff Coughlin, and Sandy Clark. Mark Drew spent a great deal of time at the Adobe booth explaining the current and future plans for CFEclipse, and he introduced me to a feature that's been in the plugin for a while already, the FTP file browser. Mark also said that he's been running Flex Builder 2 (beta) plugin on Eclipse 3.2, a surprise to me because the System Requirements refer only to support for 3.1.


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