ColdFusion 10th Birthday Party - Photo Gallery

Here's a fresh photo gallery just taken of the Macromedia Newton birthday party setup, including a plethora of CF swag. Check it out.

My Pre-Party ColdFusion Swag Photo Gallery

Ben Forta's Party Photos

Ryan Guill presents on COAL, the ColdFusion Open Application Library

Tomorrow, Wednesday July 13, Ryan Guill will present COAL, a new project for the ColdFusion Community.

COAL, the ColdFusion Open Application Library was created to create a single repository for coldfusion components to be exposed as services and used in any ColdFusion application. The idea is similar to php's PEAR, althought there are several differences. The idea is to create a library of reusable services to keep developers from having to do the same tasks over and over, or having to reinvent the wheel everytime they need to create a new application. COAL puts these services in a position to be used very easily and makes them very flexible. COAL is built using the Java Service Locator pattern which makes for a very robust platform for delivery of the services.


One Day - The Daylily - A Pencil Drawing

One Day
One Day - a pencil drawing by Steven Erat, 1992

This was a birthday gift for a friend. Her mother framed it to hang in their living room on Valewood Rd, in Towson, Maryland. The Daylily; Hemerocallis fulva. See Leslee's 3rd House Party blog

ColdFusion Bloggers BOF @ CFUNITED 2005

CFUNITED ColdFusion Bloggers BOF 2005 CFUNITED ColdFusion Bloggers BOF 2005 CFUNITED ColdFusion Bloggers BOF 2005

Here's a photo to put some names to faces if you're not already familiar with the bloggers that attended a Birds of a Feather session at last week's CFUNITED ColdFusion conference. Frankly, I can't recall everything that was discussed there, but Jared's summary is up on FusionAuthority to help fill in some details. Just for fun I tried some art that might make a nice album cover or possibly a poster for next year's Bloggers BOF.

While we missed a few well known bloggers at the BOF such as Ray Camden, Rob Brooks-Bilson, and Tony Weeg, here's a short list of some of those who turned out:

I see Tony thought it was a great networking experience... I certainly enjoyed meeting all of you.

Do you know about the Code Compatibility Analyzer?

A lot of people at the CFUNITED conference last week didn't know about it, so I'd like to take a moment to highlight this helpful utility, the ColdFusion MX Code Compatibility Analyzer, which helps check code that you are migrating from earlier versions, such as ColdFusion 5.

This setting is available in the ColdFusion Administrator, in the left menu under the Debugging and Logging section. You select a directory containing the ColdFusion application or CFML source code to be analyzed, list the type of extensions to match such as .cfc or .cfm, and then under the Advanced options I always recommend selecting ALL for the Filter By Severity option. The ALL option will provide warnings at both the ERROR level and the INFORMATION level. The default is ERROR, so you might miss some important INFORMATION messages with that, so choose ALL.

Using this utility is a great first pass at your application when considering the migration process when moving to ColdFusion MX, and will probably save you a little frustration later. Its available in both CFMX 6.x and 7.

Helpful Resources:

CFUNITED Day one a wrap: Sessions, BOFs, and Community

Today was seriously intense. The day started at 8am with a Welcome talk to introduce all of this year's speakers followed by a great keynote address by Ben Forta and Tim Buntel, with guest appearance by Simeon Bateman of the CFEclipse proejct (Thanks for the Sam Adams!). At first I tried attending sessions while taking notes which I later blogged, and this worked for a while during Ray Camden's, Nate Nelson's, and Simon Horwith's talks.


Macromedia Announcements at CFUNITED Keynote

This year's ColdFusion conference CFUNITED, formerly CFUN, has a large turnout from Macromedia, and Tim Buntel and Ben Forta kicked off the official start of the even today with blowout keynote address. I've video taped the keynote, and hope to have compressed wmv available for viewing soon.

A few of the big highlights include not just official recognition but sponsorship of the CFEclipse project. CFEclipse is a fantastic plugin for use with the free Eclipse IDE, and the project is managed by Rob Rohan, Simeon Bateman, and Stephen (Spike) Milligan. Ben and Tim invited Simeon Bateman, manager of the Portland CFUG too, up to the dais to give a brief overview of the current status and future of the CFEclipse project. Simeon noted that the project releases have slowed down since much of the fundemental bug fixes have been patched, and they are now working on new features. Coming later this year, watch for CFEclipse 2.0 with a bundle of new features.

Other big news includes the coming release of CFMX 7.1, code named Merrimack, and Ben demonstrated his questionable graphics skills with a scorpion image rising on the screen while introducing the code name and a couple major features of ColdFusion MX 8, Scorpio. As a Macroemdia Support Engineer, the most important ColdFusion MX 8 features to me was the server monitoring feature which will allow runtime introspection of the jvm and what the running threads are doing. I'm psyched about that, and I'm sure the whole developer community will be too, especially those that have ever tried to track down bottlenecks or other issues in an application where the symptoms only seem to appear in production under load.

Well, now I'm off to Ray Camden's talk on the new Verity 5.5 that ships in CFMX 7.... more soon.

Get Glued at CFUNITED! Class for me today, Breezo for everyone tomorrow!

Get Glued with Model-Glue! (Joe Rinehart)My first day at CFUNITED was largely spent in Joe Rinehart's class Forms and Beans: Refactoring existing ColdFusion using Objects. Joe's focus was on how an OO approach to ColdFusion development can save time by encapsulating application behaviors to reusable ColdFusion components, Further, when iteratively blended into a procedural application by gradually replacing procedural code with OO-based code the procedural application becomes easier to maintain and scalable.

The class had about 15 persons, most of whom were reasonably advanced in ColdFusion development and generally understood OO concepts already. This allowed Joe to speed up a bit, although he was prepared to cover CFC best practices or basic OO PIE concepts in futher detail if needed.

The quick pace permitted the class to move on at the end to make room for a great overview of the Model-Glue framework while also digging deeper into the ServiceFacade and Decorator patterns as they apply to CFCs. Indeed, I was not the sharpest knife in the drawer in this class, and I was certainly humbled by Joe's mastery not only of ColdFusion but OO thought processes. Complex code just streamed effortlessly from his fingertips to the screen while maintaining the cadence and never missing a beat in the presentation flow.

Joe advised developers to perform discrete unit testing of components, which in short means building a test harness that isolates a CFC to validate that it behaves as intended, where testing the CFC outside the larger application reduces complexity during the design or debugging phases. Here, Joe recommended Paul Kenney's CFCUNIT as a very convenient and robust means of unit testing in ColdFusion.

Joe's choice of IDE for ColdFusion is CFEclipse, and I think that Joe and everyone else will be very pleased with some important information from Macromedia coming very soon! I followed along in the class while using Fedora Core 4 Linux on my laptop. FC4 actually ships Java and Eclipse with the distribution, so FC4 is a great way to get started with CFEclipse (although FC4 is technically not supported for ColdFusion, its very close to the supported RH distros and I've encountered no CF problems as a result of running on FC4 so far).

On Wednesday night at 9pm in room 4, there will be a panel discussion of Model-Glue under the guise of a new Model-Glue BOF session. Then at 9:30 I'll help Joe start the online Breezo of Model-Glue that will be broadcast live from CFUNITED. You can RSVP for the Breezo here:

After class I headed out to dinner to celebrate ColdFusion's bright future with the Macromedia CF engineers Dean Harmon, Mike Nimer, Tom Jordahl, director of engineering Damon Cooper, CF QA Bob Powell and Billy Sahlas, plus Ben Forta and Tim Buntel who are presenting the keynote tomorrow, and also Amy Brooks and Christine Lawson of Developer Relations. Macromedia definitely has a huge turnout at this unique ColdFusion conference, and Amy in particular has done a great job at organizing everything. Check out the Macromedia booth in the exhibit hall where we'll all be hanging out to talk to you and help answer your ColdFusion questions. Stop by for posters and T-shirts!

I think CFUNITED is booked with 8-900 attendees, so I plan to get up early for Ben and Tim's keynote address tomorrow morning... just a paltry 7 hours from now :( I'd like to set up my video camera to record the keynote, then I'll try to edit it down to a small file for distribution here soon so everyone can share the good news :)

See you there and see you at the Model-Glue BOF tomorrow!

Movie Meme

Taking a clue from Leslee, here's my own take on the Movie Meme...

Total number of films I own on DVD and video:
Looking at the two bookshelves on either side of the living room TV, Id say there must be over 200 DVDs right there. This includes perhaps 100 movies from the states, and 50 foreign films including mostly Almodovar and Amenabar films, but theres the odd French films in there too including almost all of the Audrey Tautou films and an old favorite Betty Blue. The other 50 DVDs are of the educational variety such as the Carl Sagan series Cosmos, the PBS series on String Theory called The Elegant Universe by Brian Green, a whole bunch of Nova episodes, the 2001 PBS 6 hour series on Evolution, the 4 hour Ken Burns special on Lewis and Clark, several NASA/Space Travel type shows like Origins, and the Revolution OS flick which traces the development of Linux and includes curious interviews with Richard Stallman, Bruce Perens, and of course Linus Torvalds. Among the VHS tapes, I still have my very first VHS purchase, Jeremiah Johnson, and my most recent VHS purchase, the Ernest Shackleton 6 part series starring Kenneth Brannigan(?).

Last film I bought:
Just this week the most recent addition to our DVD collection came in from Amazon... Northern Exposure, Season 3. This television series was a centerpiece to my twenties. The story as a whole further compelled me to travel to Alaska several times, although the filming was done in Roslyn, Washington outside Seattle where I had to stop and have a beer in The Brick,and I did manage to spend a couple days in Talkeetna, AK where the series was supposedly based on. Check out my photos. Only this past year has the NX series been available on DVD. Previously, while fearing that I would never obtain a video archive of the series, I bought a few key episodes that were available on VHS from independent vendors on Amazon. I paid $20-45 for individual episodes that I felt were most memorable, including "Northern Lights" from season 1 and "Thanksgiving" from series 3. The most inspiring character to me was Chris Stevens, the self-taught, quasi-hippi/biker from a wrecked home in West Virginia that elevated himself to the Cicelys poet laureate, DJ, lay philosopher. I remember frantically writing down and later researching all the literary fragments that were used by the Chris Stevens role. There was even a book published containing only the musings, quips, and quotes of Chris Stevens, : Chris in the Morning: Love, Life, and the Whole Karmic Enchilada. By season 5 the NX writers were jumping the shark, and as much as I loved the series I could hardly bring myself to watch with the new doctor and all. I missed the final episode Tranquility Base, which ended with the folky Our Town by Iris Dement, so I guess it will be a year or so before its available on DVD.


Spanish Film Recommendations

Preparing to pass the Movie Meme, here's a rehashed, repost of my rather lengthy comments to the 3rd House Party Movie Meme blog entry....

This reads almost exactly like a list of my own DVD collection. I'll buy anything directed by Pedro Almodovar or Alejandro Amen·bar, or starring Gael GarcÌa Bernal or Javier Bardem. Concord isn't all that far from Grafton, so maybe we can swap sometime :)

Gael GarcÃŒa Bernal is really emerging as one of the best Mexican actors, with credits including The Motorcycle Diaries, El Crimen de Padre Amaro, Amores Perros, and Y Tu Mama Tambien.


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