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Upcoming Meetings

  • Thursdays at 12:30 PM EDT to 1:00 PM
    ColdFusion Live! A series of short preview talks from the speakers of the CFUNITED conference.
    Check the Meetup site for the currently scheduled event in this series: ColdFusion Meetup Events

  • Thursday, May 12 6:00 PM ET
    To be determined... Check back soon


Online ColdFusion Meetup Group Tonight 6pm ET

Tonight at 6pm Eastern Time I'll be presenting an overview of using ColdFusion MX 7 on Unix and Linux. I expect to require about an hour for the presentation, perhaps more depending on the volume of questions or discussion.

Online ColdFusion Meetup Group

Archived Presentation Info

March Meeting

Meeting Name: Running ColdFusion MX 7 on Unix and Linux

Meeting Summary: A survey of the differences involved when running ColdFusion MX 7 on Unix or Linux instead of Windows. Topics covered include history of CF on Unix/Linux, current system requirements, migration paths, new features in Blackstone, installation scenarios and walkthrough, processes, troubleshooting, and IDEs. This is not an indepth discussion of CFMX 7 features, but a review of any interesting differences when using CFMX on Linux/Unix rather than Windows.

Meeting Date: March 10, 2005; 6pm Eastern Time; ~1 hour for preso, can continue on for questions

Meeting Location: Online meeting using Breeze Live, just open your browser to to join the online meeting. To participate in the conversation you might want to grab the conference number from the chat window in the meeting and then dial in. Otherwise, you can listen to the Breeze via VOIP.

If you've never used Macromedia Breeze, get a quick overview:


Powered by Detroit CF/Flash Conference April 9-10 2005

Powered by Detroit Conference is designed to promote the use of Flash and ColdFusion together as the dynamic medium for the future of the internet.

From beginners, to professional designers, to marketing professionals looking for creative new ideas, you won't want to miss this event!

Attendees will hear presentations from expert speakers and have an opportunity to be a part of the Flash and ColdFusion community.

This conference will emphasize Flash development and design, as well as ColdFusion development of websites.

If you are ready to get serious about Flash and/or ColdFusion development, this is a must attend event!

All CFUG and MMUG managers are offered a special rate of $99!!!

CFUnited 2005

Just confirmed registration for this years mega ColdFusion User Group meeting, CFUNITED, formerly named CFUN.

Hopefully, I'll be able to attend a long list of sessions. I think Macromedia might pull together a CF Tech Support booth with a couple folks, and if that comes through then I expect to be manning that in between sessions.

See the CFUnited website for more, or grab a brewski and catch Simon on the big screen!

CFUnited, The premier ColdFusion User Conference

I've been attending this meeting for many years now since it was a CF Odyssey at NIH, and wow has it ever grown! Given that Macromedia MAX is is a cross-product conference, this just may be the biggest CF-only conference anywhere.

Check out the game questions I wrote for previous CFUNs:

For anyone interested, you are welcome to join the new Online ColdFusion Meetup Group. This group meets virtually once a month, and the next speaker for April is expected to be Mike Brunt of Webapper, presenting on his ColdFusion monitoring tool SeeFusion ...

Boston Coldfusion Meetup Group, ... Virtually

In lieu of an active Boston CFUG, I've taken the bull by the horns by organizing the Boston Coldfusion Meetup Group. This group can augment the Boston CFUG proper, but isn't intended to replace it.

Initially, the meetings will conducted virtually using Macromedia Breeze Live and a conference call line. Optionally, if a venue is found we could consider a physical location for hands-on sessions at a later time.


Announcing FUDCon 1

The Fedora Project, a Red-Hat sponsored and community supported open source project, will be holding its first Fedora Users and Developers Conference, FUDCon 1, in Cambridge, Massachusetts on Friday, February 18th, 2005. Attendance will be free.

Among the sessions to be offered:

* Fedora on Sparc, PPC, and other platforms by Tom 'Spot' Callaway and Colin Charles
* Xen Fedora: A look at virtualization for Fedora by Jeremy Katz
* SELinux in Fedora Core 4 by Dan Walsh
* Stateless Linux by Havoc Pennington

Plans for this event are still evolving, but a preliminary schedule of events has been established. This schedule and other up-to-the-minute information about the conference can be found at

Server stability: Of Diligence, Anecdote, and Fallacy

Today I continue my previous post and the CF Server Stability thread on CFTalk in reply to Micha's comments.

I reiterate; I don't believe that casting a broad net for specious reports, incomplete data, and hyperbole will serve to solve whatever particular difficulty ails a given server. I think most every case is rather unique, although where common threads are drawn they get turned around into Technote advisories, documentation, or possibly bug reports. I think each case needs to be founded in contextual information. In other words... Show me the data!


Troubleshooting Tips For ColdFusion MX

I'm posting a CFTalk thread that I'm currently engaged in regarding general CFMX troubleshooting techniques, as well as my reply to Dave Watts' follow-up questions

ColdFusion configurations and environments *vary widely* among users. I don't think that casting a broad net for specious reports, incomplete data, and hyperbole will serve to solve whatever particular difficulty ails your server, although there is certainly much to be said for a controlled gathering of data "from the field" for careful analytic review [in order to quantify trends in the developer community].

Some things to consider [for a particular server problem] might be the following:


Photo Gallery of Mexico: Oaxaca, Mont Alban, San Miguel de Allende

Click for Mexico Photo Gallery

[View My Photo Gallery] [ Travel Mexico with 3rd House Party]

What follows is an excerpt from a personal letter to a friend in Spain, made shortly after my return home from Mexico:

[August, 1999] For my trip to the south of Mexico I used the budget travel guide "Let's Go". When I arrived at the airport in Mexico City, I found that my luggage was lost, but I was so tired that I was having difficulty thinking& even in English! That night I went to a hotel where my reservations were made one week in advance and a clerk at the desk told me that I did not have a reservation. He denied that that I paid money, and told me that there was another hotel across the street. After some arguing, someone helped me out. The clerk finally returned my money, 130 Pesos and I left. It was clear that this clerk was lying and wanted to keep my money, and he immediately rented the room to someone else.


Mach II Training on Monday and Multimedia with Flash This Semester

I'm heading down to the D.C. area on Sunday to Monday to attend Hal Helms' one day crash course on Mach II. Beyond ColdFusion Adminstration and CFML syntax, I'd like to be a better developer by learning how a to use a pratical framework to get things off the ground faster and make it easier to make changes later.

I'll miss MXimize Macromedia Design and Development Conference in Boston this weekend, but I think I'll make up for it while taking the Havard Extension School class on Understanding and Developing Multimedia this semester. I'm taking the class as a distance student because getting to Cambridge from work on a week night is always a hassle and Harvard has high quality video feeds of the actual class so its just like being there. Check it out, you can view the first lecture without registering.

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