The ColdFusion Engineering Team is Looking For a Few Good Interns

The Adobe website recently posted the following job listing for college internships in the Boston area: (Job ID: RP020605)


Kurzweil Keynotes Bio-IT World; Interview in CIO Mag; Using Text-to-Speech

The Bio-IT World fifth annual Life Sciences Conference and Expo on Biotechnology and Bioinformatics is to be held in Boston the week of April 3, 2006 (which coincidentally happens to be at the same time and location as the Linux World Expo). The conference will begin with a keynote lecture "Reprogramming Biology" by Ray Kurzweil, one of my favorite technology luminaries whose ideas constantly fascinate and inspire me.

"Reprogramming Biology" is the title of noted inventor Ray Kurzweil's opening keynote address. Kurzweil will expound upon themes in his latest book, The Singularity Is Near: When Humans Transcend Biology, in which he predicts the next few decades will see the merging of human biology with the staggering achievements of "GNR" - genetics, nanotechnology and robotics - to create a species of extraordinarily high intelligence, comprehension, and memory.


CIO Magazine on AJAX for the Enterprise

Via ACM TechNews, CIO Magazine presents an editorial regarding the origins of AJAX (asynchronous JavaScript and XML), on the topic of its origin and grassroots adoption as well as pitfalls in the Enterprise space. Given the AJAX technology suite and its recent inception as such, the author can only speculate regarding its future, but suggests that too much hype could put AJAX in disfavor right along with the blink tag.

Read the full article

Ruta HÃŒpica - a walk along an ancient path in Spain

A walk on the Ruta HÃŒpica, an old road through the Benasque Valley of Spanish Pyrenees. This trail starts on El Camino del Sol near Eresue and passes along a north-western slope until it reaches Cerler, and ultimate Llanos del Hospital.

Before modern transportation this valley was relatively isolated and had its own language, Patues. Many locals still speak Patues and the valley is trying to preseve the language by continuing to teach it in schools.

Un camino antiguo por los Pirineos Aragones en el Valle de Benasque, EspaÃ’a. Desde Eresue hasta Cerler y Llanos del Hospital.


Workaround for a cached File Not Found error message

Under unusual circumstances ColdFusion MX 7 server may cache a File Not Found (404 Status Code) error for a template and continue to return the error even when the expected template file resides in the proper location.

For a short reproducible case, create page hello.cfm with the text Hello and browse it. You'll see the page successfully completes. Rename the file to anything else, perhaps hello2.cfm, and browse to the original page hello.cfm again. Assuming that the CF Administrator setting for Missing Template Handler is not configured, you will receive a File Not Found error like this:


Galleon Home Media Server for Tivo

A coworker recently recommended a free program to enhance Tivo. This weekend I installed it and now I'm hooked. I don't have to get up from the couch to follow what's going on in the blogosphere, weather, movie listings, and local events. For someone that spends 40+ hours a week sitting down already, is this really such a good thing? ;)

Get a lot more from Tivo with the free program Galleon for Tivo. You can now push recordings from your Tivo to your PC rather than having to log on to the PC and then pull them over. Galleon also has very useful features such as viewing your RSS feeds from your TV, plus local movie theater listings, local social events, local weather, as well as listening to your iPods music collection and watching your JPG photos on your TV. ...And you can watch movies on your TV over the network from the program library on your computer.

Here are some pictures of my TV menus when using Galleon...


Web application could not be found to accept sessions for replication

Session replication is a feature of the JRun 4 server where session data from a server instance that partipates in a cluster propagates that data via RMI to other session buddies in the JRun cluster. For ColdFusion MX 6.x and 7.x servers that run on a JRun 4 cluster, there are several situations that might result in the following error appearing in the JRun server's out.log:

The web application 'cfusion-ear#cfusion-war' could not be found to accept sessions for replication


Photos of The Mt Washington Hotel and AMC Highland Center

Mt Washington Hotel

The Mt Washington Hotel is a historic hotel in Crawford Notch on Route 302 in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. This four star hotel is over a hundred years old and is recently part of the Bretton Woods complex. We really loved staying here this weekend. The rates include breakfast and dinner in a magnificent dining room with views of the Presidential Range. In the winter the activities include horse-drawn sleigh rides, snowshoeing, snow tubing, ice skating, nordic cross country skiing, or downhill skiing. In the summer they have tennis, golf, horseback riding, swimming, and hiking.

From the hotel information:
Throughout its history, the Hotel has been renowned for natural beauty and luxurious extras. Indoor pools, Jacuzzis and fireplaces are just a few of the indoor amenities comforting year round guests. The interior decor of the rooms and halls reflect the elegance and sophistication of those who visit and manage the Hotel. After dinner go for a moonlit stroll on the veranda, listen to jazz music or comtemporary favorites in the Cave Lounge, or plan on one more waltz as the orchestra plays on.


IEEE Computer Society Courses for Spring 2006

At the recommendation of a friend I recently joined the IEEE Computer Society, which has a local chapter in Boston. I'm just starting to discover the benefits of membership with this prestigious group, and today's newsletter revealed a wealth of very interesting local courses sponsored by the IEEE. Courses seem to generally run on a single Saturday or a series of weekday evenings so that working professionals can attend.

Upcoming courses that immediately appeal to me include a series of evening lectures in May on Introduction to Java Servlets and JSP, and a full day course on the Eclipse Development Platform and Application Framework.

One other very tantalizing course is How to Build and Maintain a Profitable Consulting Practice, on March 25th at the Lexington Sheraton.

Check it out.

Duplicate Message-ID values generated for CFMAIL messages

When using ColdFusion MX 6.x/7.x Enterprise Edition, the Mail Settings page of the ColdFusion Administrator has a configurable setting for Mail Delivery Threads which defaults to 10 threads. When sending mail at high volumes via the CFMAIL tag, its possible that two mail threads could generate identical Message-ID numbers for distinct mail messages when sending mail to the SMTP server, and the probability of this is more likely on fast processors.

The Message-ID header is shown as an optional parameter in RFC 822 (Standard for the Format of ARPA Internet Text Messages). RFC 2822 (which obsoletes 822) states:

Though optional, every message SHOULD have a "Message-ID:" field...
The "Message-ID:" field contains a single unique message identifier.

It has been reported that the Microsoft Exchange mail server will not deliver messages having a Message-ID value the same as the Message-ID value from another email message, although Sendmail and Postfix will deliver all messages regardless of redundant Message ID values.


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