Tonight! Leo Laporte on Future of Internet, Doug Hughes on Using Java from ColdFusion

The Online ColdFusion Meetup Group in cooperation with the Maryland CFUG bring you well known tech guru Leo Laporte to discuss The Future of the Internet. Following Leo, Doug Hughes will present Using Java from ColdFusion.

Tuesday, May 10th at 6:30 - 9:00 PM US/Eastern Time. (Timezone Info)

Archived Recordings: Doug Hughes and Leo Laporte

Part 1) Doug Hughes on Using Java from ColdFusion.

Doug Hughes, is the president of Alagad Inc and author of the Alagad Image Component. Alagad, which was founded in 1996, is a successful small business with clients around the world. Alagad specializes in web related services, consulting and development. Thought Alagad and other employers, Doug has spent many years "in the trenches" of web development. He has expertise in ColdFusion and many other technologies.

His work has also been published by Macromedia on Macromedia's DevNet Resource Kits. Previously, Doug worked with multimedia programming, 3D animation, design and illustration. See

Part 2) Leo Laporte on the Future of the Internet:

Currently Leo hosts a radio technology talk show on KFI AM 640, Los Angeles every Saturday and Sunday from noon to 3p (available via podcast every week), and Call for Help, a daily hour-long television show produced in Toronto and aired throughout Canada. He also appears regularly on many television and radio programs including Live with Regis and Kelly. Leo's website can blog can be found at

ColdFusion Live! Michael Smith on Personas and Simon Horwith on Design Patterns

Join the Online ColdFusion Meetup Group for this week's ColdFusion Live! preview of the CFUNITED conference. Today's event will begin in about a half hour from the time of this writing at 12:30 PM US/Eastern time. Later the recorded, archived meeting link will be posted to the OCFMG message boards and to

Two 15 minute "preview" talks from CFUNITED speakers. They will provide an brief introduction to their topic during these sessions.

12:30 - 1:00 US/Eastern Time
See for a timezone converter.

Part 1) Michael Smith Personas for better apps. Personas are a way to make a better User Interface for your users without going crazy.

Part 2) Simon Horwith Design Patterns and CFML. Design patterns are a way to making architecting your apps easier and to reuse common software designs.

CFUnited - The premier ColdFusion conference, June 28 - July 1, 2005.

Blog In Black - Outstanding Breezo on Using Eclipse for CF, Flex, ActionScript, and SQL

I'd been considering finding a speaker to discuss Eclipse, CFEclipse, and related as an event at the Online ColdFusion Meetup Group, but Kai Kˆnig of recently recorded a presentation on this.

Kai did an absolutely fantastic job providing a survey of multiple uses Eclipse for ColdFusion, Flex, ActionScript, and as a Database explorer through a discussion of slides and plenty of good demos and walkthroughs.

"Breeze session on Eclipse and how to use it with Macromedia technology"

ColdFusion News Radio for April 25th 2005

This is the first in a new series of podcasts, CFNews_Radio, where in my spare time I'll be producing a weekly show that summarizes recent news and events regarding ColdFusion including hot threads in the CF Community, interesting projects or topics in the blogosphere, user group events, and articles from Macromedia including those from the Devnet center, Security Zone, and technotes.

Since this is the first of the series, I'll reach back more than a week, but in general these podcasts will try to stay current.

This week's show includes:

  • Where to find information on the Adobe proposal to acquire Macromedia
  • Hot threads from CFTalk
  • COAL
  • ACME
  • BlogCFM, BlogFusion, BlogCFC
  • New lists
  • Recent Macromedia ColdFusion Devnet articles
  • ColdFusion MX Security Bulletins
  • ColdFusion MX 7 Cumulative Hotfix 2
  • CFUNITED 2005
  • Online ColdFusion Meetup Group

To subscribe to the CFNews_Radio you can set your podcast-enabled blog aggregator such as iPodder or Feed Demon to the ColdFusion Podcast RSS 2.0 feed.

To learn more about how to get your blog aggregator to update your iPod with these news feeds, check out What is Podcasting on, or this article, Receive Podcasts Using Your PC.

If you'd just like to listen to CFNews_Radio without subscribing, just click the paperclip icon at the bottom of a podcast blog entry.

ColdFusion Live! A CFUNITED show with Jeff Peters and Simon Horwith


This is the first in a weekly series of lunchtime events where presenters at the upcoming CFUNITED ColdFusion conference will preview their talks here at the Online Coldfusion Meetup Group in cooperation with the Maryland ColdFusion User Group.

This event will begin 12:30 PM EDT on Thursday April 21st, that's tomorrow! There will be 2 short presentations, about 15 minutes each.

Part 1) Jeff Peters, book author and creator of www.grokfusebox. com will be discussing the Fusebox Lifecycle Process.

Part 2) Simon Horwith, Editor CFDJ and CTO AboutWeb will be discussing the Adobe acquisition of Macromedia

Please come join us to participate in the online discussion. Watch for the archived meeting online if you can't make it.

When: Thursday, April 21, 12:30 PM EDT ... Tomorrow!

Where: Click the link below to watch and listen to the archived meeting:

J2EE Clustering with Tangosol's Coherence

Last night I attended the local Boston Java Meetup Group to get a sense of what my technology cousins are up to since most of my conversations are always in Macromedia-centric arenas.

The most interesting part of the evening for me was meeting Cameron Purdy. Cameron was obviously the Java guru at this table of Java gurus. It turns out that Cameron is president of Tangosol, a company in Somerville which he founded. Tangasol's flagship product Coherence is a type of J2EE clustering software which appropriate for storing extremely large quantities of data in memory and replicating it across large numbers of J2EE cluster members while handling thousands of data updates per second.

Coherence is described in various contexts as:

Tangosol Coherence enables in-memory data management for clustered J2EE applications and application servers. Coherence makes sharing and managing data in a cluster as simple as on a single server. It accomplishes this by coordinating updates to the data using cluster-wide concurrency control, replicating and distributing data modifications across the cluster using the highest performing clustered protocol available, and delivering notifications of data modifications to any servers that request them.


... provides scalable performance and is not compromised by single points of failure ... [and] manages many gigabytes of data and thousands of updates per second ... self partioning architecture without single points of failure or measureable GC pauses ...

That last quote is about as much as I could jot down while watching this presentation on Coherence while trying to keep up with Cameron's break-neck reading velocity. As an aside, this presentation was hauntingly similar to a Breeze presentation, but actually used a similar product from Articulate.

This large scale clustering software appears to be significantly more robust than the JINI-based clustering found in Macromedia JRun. Replication of session data across small JRun clusters is generally thought to have a noticible performance impact and its typically recommended to minimize the data that is replicated in this manner to unique keys that act as pointers to persistant data on the backend databases. A couple reviews of JRun clustering are available for comparison:

Seeking Mach II Presenter for May 12 Online ColdFusion Meetup

The new Online ColdFusion Meetup Group has hit the ground running with a few successful meetings so far, including Webapper's SeeFusion, a talk on CFForm Enhancements by Simon Horwith with follow-up by Mike Nimer, and the first talk on CFMX 7 on Unix/Linux by me.

While there are some additional special events in the works in cooperation with the mangers of physical CFUGs, I'm trying to build the speaker series for the regularly scheduled OCFMG talks and keep the momentum going.

The Meetup polls taken so far indicate that after the rich forms, the most popular topic is Mach II.

If you have indepth Mach II experience and would like to share that information with a group of online attendees via Breeze, please let me know. I'd like to secure a speaker for the May 12th meeting (time negotiable) to discuss an introduction to Mach II. At a later date, it would be great to have a higher level presentation, too.

Please contact me offline or post a comment if you're interested, and I'll follow up. Thanks!

Today! SeeFusion presented by Mike Brunt of Webapper

The Online ColdFusion Meetup Group invites you to a virtual presentation on the ColdFusion monitoring tool, SeeFusion, Thursday April 14, 2005 at 6:00 PM EDT. (Timezone Info)

This meeting has been completed. If you missed it, you can still check out the archive to watch the talk, demos, and discussion all with recorded live audio

SeeFusion, available at, is described as:

"... a utility for monitoring ColdFusion application servers. SeeFusion gives you the ability to "see" how your ColdFusion servers are processing requests in real time., ... SeeFusion tracks 3 types of requests--currently running requests, recently completed requests, and recently completed long-running requests. In addition to providing detailed request monitoring, SeeFusion also offers a JDBC "wrapper" feature for obtaining detailed information about database interaction., ... SeeFusion is virtually undetectable as an overhead process on the server. It's implemented as a low-level servlet filter, which allows SeeFusion to provide valuable metrics even (and perhaps especially) on high-traffic production servers."

From the About page on
"Webapper is a grouping of Web development professionals strategically located throughout the world. The core of the Webapper team is made up of Web application specialists from the world's leading ColdFusion/Web application consultancythe former Allaire Consulting Services. Several former Allaire developers joined forces to create Webapper, bringing you the best knowledge available for your ColdFusion applications in particular, and for your Web applications/Web sites in general.

What's a virtual meeting like? Check out this archived presentation on CFForm Enhancements by Simon Horwith.

For more info on how to participate, see this blog entry.

Tonight! CF's XML Capabilities and CFForm Enhancements

The Maryland CFUG in cooperation with the new Online ColdFusion Meetup Group will have 2 speakers starting at 6:30pm US Eastern time tonight! The meeting will be broadcast via Breeze and you're welcome to join.

Douglas Ward will present CF's XML Capabilities, followed by Simon Horwith's CFForm Enhancements.

The meeting URL is

More information is available at: and

Don't forget to check out CFUnited 2005, the premier ColdFusion conference run by TeraTech's industrious Michael Smith.

Online ColdFusion Meetup Group

This blog entry serves as a central link to upcoming and archived events for the Online ColdFusion Meetup Group, including those events which are in cooperation with other ColdFusion User Groups. This blog entry will be updated regularly with meeting information, as will the official group website. Here is the alias with shorter URL for this blog.

Upcoming Meetings

  • Thursdays at 12:30 PM EDT to 1:00 PM
    ColdFusion Live! A series of short preview talks from the speakers of the CFUNITED conference.
    Check the Meetup site for the currently scheduled event in this series: ColdFusion Meetup Events

  • Thursday, May 12 6:00 PM ET
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