Meeting Archived: ColdFusion MX 7 on Unix and Linux

Thanks to everyone who attended tonight's presentation from the Online ColdFusion Meetup Group. The Breeze presentation was recorded and is available for viewing here:

Running ColdFusion MX 7 on Unix and Linux [Slides]

Please consider joining the Online ColdFusion Meetup Group by officially registering as a member on the Meetup website.

As I think of errata from tonight's meeting, I'll publish corrections in the comments for this blog entry. Further questions can be posted to this blog, too.

Otherwise, here are some links mentioned in the talk:


Online ColdFusion Meetup Group Tonight 6pm ET

Tonight at 6pm Eastern Time I'll be presenting an overview of using ColdFusion MX 7 on Unix and Linux. I expect to require about an hour for the presentation, perhaps more depending on the volume of questions or discussion.

Online ColdFusion Meetup Group

Archived Presentation Info

March Meeting

Meeting Name: Running ColdFusion MX 7 on Unix and Linux

Meeting Summary: A survey of the differences involved when running ColdFusion MX 7 on Unix or Linux instead of Windows. Topics covered include history of CF on Unix/Linux, current system requirements, migration paths, new features in Blackstone, installation scenarios and walkthrough, processes, troubleshooting, and IDEs. This is not an indepth discussion of CFMX 7 features, but a review of any interesting differences when using CFMX on Linux/Unix rather than Windows.

Meeting Date: March 10, 2005; 6pm Eastern Time; ~1 hour for preso, can continue on for questions

Meeting Location: Online meeting using Breeze Live, just open your browser to to join the online meeting. To participate in the conversation you might want to grab the conference number from the chat window in the meeting and then dial in. Otherwise, you can listen to the Breeze via VOIP.

If you've never used Macromedia Breeze, get a quick overview:


ColdFusion MX 7 Released! Discuss it at BCMG on Monday!

The first online meeting of the rejuvinated Boston ColdFusion Meetup Group happens tomorrow (news, details), coinciding with the release of Blackstone, or ColdFusion MX 7. Round up your ideas and questions and stop by for the discussion.

Cue evil laugh here ...

With a whopping overnight growth spurt, registered members of the (virtual) Boston Coldfusion Meetup Group has jumped to 14 people from Sacramento to Lincoln, MA. This makes us the largest ColdFusion Meetup Group in the universe.... Muwahahaha!

Since most of the meetings will be conducted virtually using Macromedia Breeze Live, CF people from all over are welcome to attend online.

The first meeting is this coming Monday, Feb 7th, at 6pm ET. For more information see the following:

Introductory Blog Entry

Boston Coldfusion Meetup Group

For more evil laughs, check out these quotes ;-) Holy atomic pile, Batman!

CFUnited 2005

Just confirmed registration for this years mega ColdFusion User Group meeting, CFUNITED, formerly named CFUN.

Hopefully, I'll be able to attend a long list of sessions. I think Macromedia might pull together a CF Tech Support booth with a couple folks, and if that comes through then I expect to be manning that in between sessions.

See the CFUnited website for more, or grab a brewski and catch Simon on the big screen!

CFUnited, The premier ColdFusion User Conference

I've been attending this meeting for many years now since it was a CF Odyssey at NIH, and wow has it ever grown! Given that Macromedia MAX is is a cross-product conference, this just may be the biggest CF-only conference anywhere.

Check out the game questions I wrote for previous CFUNs:

For anyone interested, you are welcome to join the new Online ColdFusion Meetup Group. This group meets virtually once a month, and the next speaker for April is expected to be Mike Brunt of Webapper, presenting on his ColdFusion monitoring tool SeeFusion ...

Boston Coldfusion Meetup Group, ... Virtually

In lieu of an active Boston CFUG, I've taken the bull by the horns by organizing the Boston Coldfusion Meetup Group. This group can augment the Boston CFUG proper, but isn't intended to replace it.

Initially, the meetings will conducted virtually using Macromedia Breeze Live and a conference call line. Optionally, if a venue is found we could consider a physical location for hands-on sessions at a later time.


International Red Hat Meetup Day: May 6th

Come to Red Hat Meetup!The next monthly International Red Hat Meetup Day will be held Thursday, May 6th. I've confirmed that this event is definitely scheduled for the Boston area, with a meeting location of Circuit City, 84 Middlesex Turnpike, Burlington, MA at 7pm. Its right off of 128, East of the Burlington Mall.

Red Hat Meetup

May Agenda Discussion Points:

"Would Red Hat-specific Linux User Groups be a good idea (worldwide)?
"Red Hat Linux vs. Fedora vs. Red Hat Enterprise Linux: what's that all about?
"What's your favorite Red Hat distribution of all time?

XML User Interface Languages (XUL) Meetup

Recently posted to the mailing list, there will be an International XUL Meetup day this week, Tuesday, April 6th. There's one in my area scheduled for Chili's in Westford at 7pm. The group appears to organize these meetups on the first Tuesday each month, although I know nothing about them so far, so I don't know when they formed or how long they've been meeting. The only XML user interface langauges that come to mind at this point include XSLT, XSL-FO, XAML, and of course MXML, but it appears that XUL has its own specification all by itself.

I'd be interested in attending some time, just to see the scope of the discussion in case it extends to the general class of XML UI languages. For more information see:

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