Troubleshooting Tips For ColdFusion MX

I'm posting a CFTalk thread that I'm currently engaged in regarding general CFMX troubleshooting techniques, as well as my reply to Dave Watts' follow-up questions

ColdFusion configurations and environments *vary widely* among users. I don't think that casting a broad net for specious reports, incomplete data, and hyperbole will serve to solve whatever particular difficulty ails your server, although there is certainly much to be said for a controlled gathering of data "from the field" for careful analytic review [in order to quantify trends in the developer community].

Some things to consider [for a particular server problem] might be the following:


Effects of Caloric Restriction on Age-related Disease and Lifespan

While reviewing past articles from the Digital Edition archive at Scientific American Magazine, I came across a 2002 article from my old lab at the Gerentology Research Center at the National Institute of Aging. The article describes a summary of what is known about the effects of caloric restriction on aging, lifespan, and disease.

In short, caloric restriction (CR) is simply the consumption of fewer calories, typically about 30% less, which has been demonstrated to decrease age-related disease, increase average lifespan, and increase maximum lifespan. While this has been well characterized in rodents, roundworms, and fruit flies, the most intriguing studies are being performed on populations of monkeys at NIH and the University of Wisconsin, which must go on for decades before confirming the effects of CR conclusively. In lieu of waiting some 20 or 30 odd years for those projects to complete, scientists can and do look at biologicial indicators that measure the aging process at various ongoing intervals.

As anyone on a typical diet can attest, eating less has the unwanted effects of making one grumpier and less able to focus or concentrate, and it's not very likely that people will really be able to stay on a calorically reduced diet for any significant amount of time, although Dr. Roy Walford is giving it his best try. Scientists hope to develop drugs to mimic the effects of caloric restriction, without actually requirnig humans to eat less. Although I'm personally still hoping that they will come up with one to help me drop the 30+ pounds I've put on since working in the software industry!!


Unsuccessful Config of MA111 USB Wireless Adapter on Fedora

After a second reading of the instructions for configuring the kernel module and wlan-ng drivers for the MA111 USB Wireless Adapter on Fedora Core 1 Linux, I've discovered that I have an athlon kernel, whereas I assumed that I had a i686 kernel and CPU. Choosing the appropriate RPMs for the athlon kernel permitted the packages to install cleanly without any warnings.

However, after booting, when I plug in the USB device, the system freezes and the lights on the keyboard start flashing. I can't get to a virtual console with CTRL-ALT-F2, and all I can do is push the big red button to restart. If I leave the USB device plugged in during a boot, the system freezes again just after printing this during the startup sequence:

Stack: {lots of memory addresses}
Call Trace: usb_free_devR8bf51c4a
process_urb [usbcore]
Code: {lots of digit pairs here}
Kernel panic: Aiee, killing interrupt handler!
In interrupt handler not synching


CF_MKVDK: Programmatically Index Documents with Verity's Utility mkvdk

Unofficial Workaround for CFMX Crashes When Indexing PDF documents on Solaris.

If you've ever been interested in checking out the Verity tool "mkvdk" or if you are currently experiencing JVM crashes when indexing PDF files on Solaris with CFMX 6.0 or 6.1, then you may want to have a look at a custom tag cf_mkvdkcreated as replacement for using CFINDEX.

In the ColdFusion documentation the mkvdk utility is described, briefly, as:

"The mkvdk utility is an indexing application, provided with other Verity utilities, that you can use to create and maintain collections. It is a command-line utility that you can use within other applications or shell scripts to provide more sophisticated scheduling and other capabilities."


Clarification on Conflicting Docs for CFMX Verity Support in Linux

The Macromedia website currently contains multiple documents regarding CFMX support for Verity on the Linux platform, and many of those documents conflict with eachother. I've confirmed with QA the actual supported configurations, and we'll work to get the official documentation cleared up where possible.

The confirmed versions of Red Hat Linux where Verity in CFMX 6.1 is supported are:


FirebirdSQL Fixes Bug in JDBC Driver For getupdatecount()

Users of the open source database project FirebirdSQL should take note that the Firebird developers have just fixed an important bug in the Jaybird JCA JDBC driver.


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