Here are the ColdFusion challenges used in the CF Survivor game at CFUNITED 2005. Kudos to winner Daniel Elmore and runner up Joseph Danziger.

1) Output to the screen the ColdFusion server product version, including the build number.

2) Find the appropriate UDF from to parse the search terms from a Google referrer, and modify it to work with Yahoo search referrer.

3) Create a ColdFusion custom function or use the built-in functions so that when called it takes a string as input and returns the string in opposite order, such as input "dog" returns "god".

4) Enable the ColdFusion built-in web server, and configure it to listen on port 81, and serve on that port a page that outputs the now()function.

5) Change the JVM setting for Permanent Generation size to 192 MB

6) Output a table that has at least 10 rows where the background color for each row dynamically alternates between 2 colors.

7) Produce a ColdFusion thread dump that shows a jvm thread operating on a cfm template.

8) The first of these webservices returns an array of topics for quotes or fortunes are available. The second webservice will return a quote or fortune when a valid topic is provided. Combine them so that a fortune from a random topic is output to the screen.

WS 1)



WS 2)

[cfinvokeargument name="topics" value="#topic#"/>
[cfinvokeargument name="minLength" value="5"/>
[cfinvokeargument name="maxLength" value="100"/>

9) The tag CFLOCATION sends a temporary redirect with a "302 (Moved Temporarily)" status code. Write a page that sends a permanent redirect with a "301 (Moved Permanently)" status code instead. The page must perform the redirect correctly.

10) Create a template that retrieves the ColdFusion RSS feed and output the XML after applying a style that shows each blog entry title in a blue font.

Use the following RSS feed, and then start with following CSS style example:
Working Example (using black font):

11) Programmatically determine the JDBC Major and Minor version for the driver.