Wyalusing Asylum Panorama over Susquehanna River

ASYLUM: A settlement of French Royalists who fled the French Revolution in 1793, was established in the valley directly opposite this marker. It was laid out and settled under the direction of Viscount de Noailles and Marquis Antoine Omer Talon. It was hoped that Queen Marie Antoinette might here find safety. Among many distinguished visitors to this place were Louis Phillipe, Duke of Orleans, later King of France, Prince de Talleyrand, Duke de Montpensier and the Duke de la Rochefoucauld Liancourt.

Warriors Path: A great Indian Nation from Six Nations country, New York, to the Catawba country in the Carolinas. It made the Allegheny Mountains by following the Susquehanna and Juniata vallleys

Wyalusing Asylum Roadsign A stone gazebo Warriors Path

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