On Mac OSX, the ColdFusion Administrator page for Verity states:

Unable to retrieve collections from the Search Service. Please verify that the ColdFusion MX Search Server is installed and running.

So I reviewed the Macromedia documentation for running ColdFusion MX 7 on Macintosh and found that there was no mention of Verity at all.

After that, I went to the directory where the installer put the cfusion.war file and I found a file named cfmx-j2ee-readme.txt. Searching this document for Verity, I found the following paragraph:

Note: Verity runs on Windows, Linux, and Solaris. If your J2EE server runs on an operating system other than Windows, Solaris, or Linux, Verity support is unavailable on that server. However, you can optionally install Verity on a Windows, Linux, or Solaris server and configure your ColdFusion server to use the remote Verity server.

I know I've skimmed over this paragraph numerous times before, but it wasn't until today when I wanted to check Verity that I realized that this caveat now applied to me while on my Mac. Bottom line, either you have to install the Verity K2 Search Service on another OS like Windows and then connect to it from CF on Mac, or you'll have to find an alternative for Verity, such as Lucene. You can find a few articles by Aaron Johnson in CFDJ on how to use Lucene via a Java CFX (part 1,part 2).

Update: Check out this blog entry on running Verity in a distributed mode.