No Frills Guide To Clustering Multiple Instances of CFMX with Failover and Session Replication

I've learned how to cluster multiple instances of CFMX 6.1 on JRun4 by reading Brandon Purcell's various articles and blog entries, including how to do session replication and sticky sessions. I've found that I've had to set up various clusters from scratch from time to time, and I've put together a quick and dirty stepwise instruction set for how to configure a cluster for failover and session replication. This is a distillation of what I've learned from Brandon's more comprehenseive articles.


Server Error - IO error on server communication

Server Error pop-up alertClicking the Browse Server button in the ColdFusion MX 6.0/6.1 Administrator while RDS is disabled will cause a pop-up alert as shown here. The Browse Server button is part of an Applet built into the Administrator and is used for a variety of tasks, such?as selecting?the appropriate *.mdb file when creating an Microsoft Access Database Datasource from the CF Admin. If RDS was selected to be disabled during the post-installation configuration wizard, a recommended practice for production servers, then the Browse Server functionality will not work from the ColdFusion Administrator. There is no workaround other than to re-enable RDS in the deployment descriptor web.xml, found at{CF_HOME}/wwwroot/WEB-INF/web.xml. Refer to this document for how to enable/disable RDS. This issue is available as a TechNote.