Thread dumps are often used a diagnostic utility to qualify and quantify the page requests running in a ColdFusion MX or JRun server. This is most useful for servers that appear to be hanging or spiking the CPU.

Brandon Purcell demonstrates how to generate ColdFusion MX thread dumps, also known as stack traces, while running it as Windows Service rather than from the command line.

Obtaining a Thread Dump with ColdFusion or JRun running as a Windows Service
While there is a limitation if using Terminal Services, this method will otherwise allow you to attach to a running jvm process to take a thread dump.

What to do with a ColdFusion thread dump once you've got it? This Macromedia technote on Debugging Stack Traces in ColdFusion MX helps make sense of it, although in my experience you have to read quite a lot of thread dumps before they start to look warm and fuzzy enough to be familiar, but that is when they start to offer up some of their secrets :)

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