I just worked a case where a ColdFusion MX 6.1 server was restarting over and over again every 1-5 minutes with virtually no helpful information in any of the ColdFusion, JRun, Webserver, or Windows Event logs, and there wasn't a HotSpot crash log anywhere.

The app was being tested in staging using the Microsoft Web Stress Tool, which will just hammer one or more designated pages. Running a brief stress test on an isolated test page having only "hello world" did not cause the CFMX server to restart, running the test on the application's main index.cfm easily crashed the server.

The app was loaded onto another CFMX server and the CFAdmin was adjusted for the CFX tags and the datasources. The same stress test did not crash the CFMX server here. A detailed comparison of the two servers and the two CF Admins was made, and it was noticed that the crashing server did not have the checkbox enabled to keep the C++ CFX tag loaded in memory, whereas the stable server was checked.

On the detail view for "Add/Edit C++ CFX Tag" the checkbox can be found, labelled as "Keep Library Loaded - Check this box to retain the library in RAM". Once this box was enabled on the crashing server it immediately became stable. The particular CFX tag was the popular CFX_IMAGE. Having to load an unload the CFX into memory for every request was demonstrated to crash the server while leaving very little evidence in its wake.