Check out the feature that's not on any feature list, the ColdFusion MX 7 Cumulative Hotfix Installation panel in the ColdFusion Administrator. Installing and administering hotfixes just got a whole lot easier. CFMX 7 now uses cumulative hotfix jars. These hotfix bundles are like mini-updaters. The first one happens to contain just one fix, but subsequent ones may have a higher payload. Their names will increase sequentially such as chf700001.jar, chf700002.jar, etc... Each one will contain all the fixes in the earlier hotfix releases plus the new fixes specific to that current release.

There's no longer any need to juggle hotfixes. No need to figure out if you need the J2EE version of the hotfix or the Server Configuration version of the hotfix. No need to worry about which lib/ directory to copy them to. No need to worry about conflicts of whether or not this hotfix can be installed while that other hotfix is installed.

Just go to the Macromedia ColdFusion Hotfix Page, find the ColdFusion MX 7 Cumulative Hot Fixes list, choose the most recent one, and download it.

Once downloaded, open the ColdFusion Administrator, and click on the System Information link. Then enter the location of the directory where you saved the download, click submit, and restart the ColdFusion server. That's it.

Review the ColdFusion Administrator's System Information for Update Level to confirm the hotfix. Note that the ColdFusion MX build number is no longer obscured by a hotfix version suffix.

Later, if you've downloaded a more recent cumulative hotfix, repeat the process by entering the download directory in ColdFusion Administrator, submit, and restart. No need to worry about what previous hotfix was installed. The new hotfix will contain all the previous fixes plus the new one(s).