If you missed CFUNITED this year or would just like to relive the Keynote event given by Tim Buntel and Ben Forta of Macromedia, then you might want to check out this 61MB clip of their 50 minute talk.

Highlights from the talk include the announcement of the CFMX 7 Updater codenamed Merrimack, the CFMX 8 announcement codenamed Scorpio, and the big hurrah from the crowd during the announcement of Macromedia support for the CFEclipse project.

Download Video [248 MB]

This was exported from iMovie on Mac OSX, which has better options for compression so that you can keep the full audio quality but compress only the video.

  • 0:00 Tim Buntel introduces himself and Ben Forta
  • 1:50 Ben Forta on where ColdFusion is today
  • 4:00 Ben polls crowd about CFMX 7 usage
  • 6:00 Ben on: Why Upgrade?
  • 7:00 Ben Forta begins discussion of what's new in CFMX 7
  • 19:20 Introduction to Amit Yathirajadasan of Georgetown University who demos CFMX 7 app
  • 20:50 Amit begins, but is generally inaudible
  • 25:30 Tony Weeg's big moment
  • 30:00 Tim Buntel recaps Amits talk and segueways to CFMX future
  • 30:19 Jared Rypka-Hauer saunters by...
  • 31:50 Ben Forta introduces CFMX 7 updater, code named Merrimack
  • 36:00 Start of CFEclipse discusssion by Tim Buntel
  • 42:00 Simeon Bateman of the CFEclipse Project joins the stage
  • 48:50 Tim Buntel and Ben Forta introduce ColdFusion MX 8, codenamed Scorpio
  • 53:50 Ben Forta demos the new CFMX 7 Language Poster

If you would like only the audio of the keynote, you can find it here.

For a video of the CFUNITED CFDJ Panel discussion, see this blog entry.