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Hatteras Beach Houses (23 of 94)

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Please do not attempt to discover information about this house, its location, or its owner. This photo gallery does not present any such information, nor does it make any assertions or inferences about its status. The advertisements below are dynamically generated by Google and may reference rental or real estate agencies that are not at all associated with the photograph above.

I have been anonymously approached with a threat of immediate legal action for having posted this photo because a person who claims to be the owner claims to have been contacted repeatedly by persons wishing to rent the property. This landscape photograph was taken from a public highway. This photograph is not an invasion to the owner's privacy since this view of it is in the public domain, was taken from public property, does not offer any specific address or contact information, and does not otherwise present an intrusion into seclusion. Any such inquiries on the property are solely due to the cleverness, power of deduction, and independent research efforts of persons viewing this anonymous public photo.

According to Burt Krages, Attorney At Law and author of Legal Handbook for Photographers, "Property owners may legally prohibit photography on their premises but have no right to prohibit others from photographing their property from other locations".

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